New RN ONE Expand




RN ONE appeals to all sports car & motorsport professionals who drive on race tracks & wish to be able to intuitively record & analyze without the need for technical expertise.
Large touchscreen, compact & lightweight, the RN ONE is a system designed for intuitive usage.

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29 257 kr

tax incl.

  • HD (720p/30fps) video recording from 2 cameras in standard
  • Optional Full HD (1080p/30fps) video recording with additional camera
  • Cameras with wide-angle lens
  • High dynamic range microphone
  • Recording starts and ends automatically, depending on the speed
  • GPS position and speed (10 Hz)
  • Acceleration sensor (20 Hz)
  • Gyro sensor (roll/yaw/pitch) and compass
  • Engine speed, throttle position and more car-specific data via OBD2 or CAN connectors
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) data/video transfer
  • Export of data/video to USB stick (USB 3.0)

    See RN One Manual for complete information and technical specifications


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