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  • Simpson Venom Simpson Venom
    Simpson Venom

    Designed 100% for motorcycle riders, Simpson Venom is prepared to handle just about any type of riding in style and comfort. The lightweight shell has been aerodynamically tuned for motorcycle riding, and is fully ventilated for maximum airflow. Integrated pockets make it easy to install your communication device, and a drop-down sun visor makes riding...

    4 200 kr
  • Simpson Venom Shield Simpson Venom Shield
    Simpson Venom Shield

    Shield for Simpson Venom.Pinlock prepared and scratch resistant.

    638 kr
  • Simpson Darksome Simpson Darksome
    Simpson Darksome

    The brand new Simpson Darksome represents our best expression of modernisation of an icon.  This flip-up reminds of the 70’s unique Simpson design, but noise reduction and aerodynamics has been substantially improved.

    4 725 kr
  • Simpson Darksome (MOD BANDIT) Shield Simpson Darksome (MOD BANDIT) Shield
    Simpson Darksome Shield

    External Shield for Simpson Darksome.Prepared for Pinlock lens.

    638 kr
  • Simpson Outlaw Simpson Outlaw
    Simpson Outlaw

    The Simpson Outlaw has all of the classic Simpon Outlaw styling, but with some added features to make it more aerodynamically stable. A wider field of view and a redesigned shell improves rider visibility and minimizes helmet lift at high speeds. Meeting Snell M2015 and DOT safety ratings, the Outlaw is as tough as it looks, and guaranteed to turn heads.

    6 432 kr
  • Simpson M30 Simpson M30
    Simpson M30

    Simpson's M30 helmet, a legendary style in Grand Prix racing, is now available for Motorcyclists and features vintage styling with today's leading edge technology.Carbon fiber and composite models are available.

    5 403 kr
  • Simpson M50 Simpson M50
    Simpson M50

    Simpson's M50 Moto helmet from the 70's has been reborn! The M50 is a sleek helmet with a nod of vintage, backed by over 50 years of Simpson technology. The M50 features a five snap peak as seen in photos.

    3 700 kr
  • Pit Warrior Pit Warrior


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