Green Filter Activated Carbon Filter Expand

Green Filter Activated Carbon Filter



Utilizing activated carbon, this specialized filter helps improve breathability against odors and pollutants.
The highly porous particles create a greater surface area to collect and trap particulates for increased absorption and cleaner breathable air.

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Hand-built using the finest materials available today, each Green Filter starts with a multiple layer breathable media combined with a unique filtration technology resulting in a superior filtration system.
All Premium Green Filters trap the smallest dirt particles that ordinary cotton-gauze “performance” filters can’t capture.


These filters are built durable to last for a long time. Each filter body is 100-percent washable and reusable.

Clamp-on design comes with a replacement hose clamp to secure the filter to the 3" MAC1 or MAC3.2 Pumper intake. Fits MAC1 or MAC3.2 Pumper System only.



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