New MAC 3.2 Complete Kit Expand

MAC 3.2 Complete Kit



Take control of your air with this complete pumper package, featuring our M3 Pumper, Variable Speed Controller, and MAC-X Pumper Hoses.
The included control module lets you adjust the pumper motor speed to increase or decrease the airflow to your helmet.

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The all new MAC3.2 takes helmet air pressure to a new level.
With the constant demand for more air flow in pumper style helmets, the MAC3.2 builds pressure and forces high volume air at a much higher rate of speed.
Using a special built high static pressure fan the MAC3.2 produces more pressure and more volume than any other helmet pumper available!

Built from light weight carbon fiber and 6061 billet aluminum the MAC3.2 is a feather weight at only 1.6 pounds.
Small, compact and easy to mount with our exclusive half clamp bar mounts available in most tubing sizes.

Eliminate the dust with the purpose built washable dry media filter with Outerwear particulate wrap.
Run the entire race with one filter then simply wash in water so you’re ready for the next event.
No more losing air because of a clogged filter!

Matched with our VSC (Variable Speed Controller) the MAC3.2 can be turned down for staging then instantly turned up for high pressure ventilation.
The VSC pulse control precisely adjusts the amount of air entering the helmet.

From start to finish the MAC3.2 is built to race.
High pressure, high volume, light weight construction, micron air filtering system, and waterproof connectors make the M3 the ultimate in helmet pumper systems.
Keep cool and breathe clear with the new powerful M3 Helmet Pumper System from Rugged Radios!

MAC3.2 Pumper Features:

  • Dual helmet outlet (MAC3.2)
  • Feather weight at only 1.6 pounds
  • Low current draw at 3.4 amps
  • Durable carbon fiber body
  • 6061 billet alloy construction
  • Washable dry media air filter
  • Outerwear particulate pre-filter wrap
  • High duty cycle life motor
  • Waterproof power connector

Included in package:

  • (1) Dual Outlet MAC3.2 Pumper
  • (1) Variable Speed Controller
  • (2) MAC-X Pumper Hoses


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