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    RT-20 DRAG SHOE SFI-20

    The new Simpson RT-20 Drag Shoe! A light weight Drag Shoe developed for the most powerful Motorsports.This shoe meets SFI Standard 3.3/20 with a minimum height of 152mm (6”) measuring the back of the shoe and is considered as a boot and is therefore permitted for use in competition where the Rules state “3.3/20 Boots  mandatory”. See below Technical...

    5 558 kr
  • Hole Shot Drag Boots SFI-20 Hole Shot Drag Boots SFI-20
    Hole Shot Drag Boots SFI-20

    A new generation Drag Boots for the most extreme Drag Racing classes. The boots are classified SFI-20. They are manufactured in several layers of Stretch Nomex.

    6 010 kr
  • Midtop Midtop
  • High Top
    High Top

    The Simpson High Top Racing Shoe, a classic among Drag Racers. SFI-5 Certified.

    1 422 kr
  • Adrenaline High Top
    Adrenaline High Top

    The Adrenaline shoe is a lightweight racing shoe a low cut design to make it easier to slide the fot in to the shoe and to make the foot move more freely when seated in the car.SFI-5 Certified.

    1 485 kr
  • Circuit Pro
    Product available with different options
    Circuit Pro

    Circuit PRO racing shoe is the lightest one we have ever created, 263 Gram (Size 9). 

    1 809 kr
  • Stealth Sprint
  • Dragracing High Top SFI-15 Dragracing High Top SFI-15
    Product available with different options
    Dragracing High Top SFI-15

    A SFI-15 Drag Racing High Top shoe. Comfortable with a very high TPP rating (over 60).

    4 136 kr


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