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  • Sport Latch & Link 5-Point Sport Latch & Link 5-Point
    Sport Latch & Link 5-Point

    SFI 16.1 Certified. Features polyester construction for maximum protection. Wrap around system with separate bolt in brackets in the box. The Sport Model features the S-logo Simpson Patch.

    2 179 kr
  • Sport Camlock 5-Point Sport Camlock 5-Point
    Sport Camlock 5-Point

    SFI 16.1 certified 5-point harness. 55" length, Bolt-in, Camlock locking mechanism. Manufactured in the USA.

    3 655 kr
  • Std. Latch & Link 5-Point Std. Latch & Link 5-Point
    Std. Latch & Link 5-Point

    SFI 16.1 Certified restraint.

    2 601 kr
  • Latch F/X 5-Point Latch F/X 5-Point
    Latch F/X 5-Point

    SFI 16.1 Rated and Manufactured in the USA. The Latch F/X has a compact integrated latch, link and adjuster reduces size by 30%. Drop-forged construction reduces weight by 30%. V-type or individual shoulder harnesses. Adjusters include anti-slip spring. No left side adjuster option available. Platinum Series also available. 

    2 601 kr
  • Lever Camlock Lever Camlock
    Lever Camlock

    Try our new lever Camlock/Clip System redesigned to be 15 % lighter. A unique internal release mechanism is engineered to eject belt clips quickly. Our belt clips are interchangeable with rotary camlock. These systems feature a sleek matte black finish.

    4 758 kr
  • Junior Racing Seatbelt 5-Point Junior Racing Seatbelt 5-Point
    Junior Racing Seatbelt 5-Point

    The new series of junior racing seatbelts are SFI 16.2 Certified and manufactured in the USA.There are four different models available with different adjusters, locks and mounting hardware.

    2 109 kr
  • Latch & Link Ratchet 5-Point Latch & Link Ratchet 5-Point
    Latch & Link Ratchet 5-Point

    When the ride is especially rough and you want to keep those belts tightened down ratchet belts is the way to go. Ratchet belts are available in left side or right side, with Aluminum or Steel adjusters. these belts from our Platinum Plus line are manufactured at Simpson's North Carolina facility. In other words are they made in the USA.

    6 788 kr
  • Drag Camlock 5-Point Drag Camlock 5-Point
    Drag Camlock 5-Point

    SFI 16.1 Certified 5 point Drag Racing restraint.

    4 991 kr

    2-piece Aluminum clamp to eliminate sideway sliding of shoulder harness. Sold as single unit.Order 4pcs for complete set of clamps for each side of the car.

    633 kr


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