Fuel Bike Chute

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  • Fuel Bike Chute Fuel Bike Chute
    Fuel Bike Chute

    The Simpson Air Boss drag parachutes exclusively designed for Fuel Bike. These handmade cross-form four-line design chutes feature Kevlar shroud lines and triple strength stitching on the panels and deployment bags, making the Fuel Bike Chute the lightest and strongest chute on the market with a complete weight of only 1,6 kg. Re-designed nylon outer bags...

    7 991 kr
  • Spring Chute Launcher For AIR BOSS Chutes
    Spring Chute Launcher For AIR BOSS Chutes

    Spring launcher kit for Simpson Air Boss 8ft & 10ft chutes. For use with Fuel Bike Chute choose size 8ft.

    6 706 kr


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