Radio Track Communication

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  • Stilo Verbacom Club Stilo Verbacom Club
    Stilo Verbacom Club

    Verbacom Club, a very efficient car to pit communication system.The pit calls the car before the car starts, the car unit is programmed to automatically answer.The Crew use push to talk button on the headset to transmit to the driver & the driver speak without pressing any button.If for any reason the signal is lost, the pit automatically calls the...

    5 619 kr
  • Stilo Track/Crew Headset
    Stilo Track/Crew Headset

    Stilo track Headset to be used with a radio of your choice and a model specific Stilo YD radio cable.Stilos top of the line electronics components and integrated push to talk button makes this a perfect choice for spotters and driving instructors.

    3 487 kr


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