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  • MAC 3.2 Complete Kit MAC 3.2 Complete Kit
    MAC 3.2 Complete Kit

    Take control of your air with this complete pumper package, featuring our M3 Pumper, Variable Speed Controller, and MAC-X Pumper Hoses. The included control module lets you adjust the pumper motor speed to increase or decrease the airflow to your helmet.

    6 631 kr
  • Mac 1X Helmet Air Pumper Mac 1X Helmet Air Pumper
    Mac 1X Helmet Air Pumper

    The MAC-1X pumper features a single powerful motor nested within the filter to reduce overall size. Mounting is achieved with our exclusive half clamp bar mounts available in most tubing sizes. Want full control of air speed? Use an optional Variable Speed Controller, providing complete adjustability.

    4 129 kr
  • MAC-XC Magnetic Quick-Release MAC-XC Magnetic Quick-Release
    MAC-XC Magnetic Quick-Release

    Quickly attach and detach your pumper hose with a simple magnetic connection.The MAC-XC System uses powerful Scosche magnets to quickly connect/disconnect your pumper hose to a coupler base mounted to your roll bar.Simply attach the Magnetic Hose Coupler to the included 12" expandable hose and connect to the Coupler Base and you’re ready to go!

    1 689 kr
  • Green Filter Activated Carbon Filter
    Green Filter Activated Carbon Filter

    Utilizing activated carbon, this specialized filter helps improve breathability against odors and pollutants. The highly porous particles create a greater surface area to collect and trap particulates for increased absorption and cleaner breathable air.

    1 064 kr


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