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  • 8' Outlaw Sky Jacker
    8' Outlaw Sky Jacker

    4 Lightweight Kevlar Shroud Lines make the Outlaw chute the number one choice for drag racers looking to reduce their weight load. Professional series stopping power, quality construction. Handmade crossform chute delivers reliable performance for cars up to 200 mph. Ships with pack and pilot chute

    12 723 kr
  • Air Boss 8ft Brake Chute Air Boss 8ft Brake Chute
    Air Boss 8ft Brake Chute

    Simpson Air Boss Drag Chutes were exclusively designed with and tested by the Quarter-Max Pro Stock team. Kevlar shroud lines and triple strength stitching on the panels and deployment bags. Air Boss is the lightest and strongest chute on the market. Pro Stock @ 2,350 lbs/speed 220 mph use Dual 8 ft Brake Chutes Pro Mod @ 2,600 lbs/speed 250 mph use Dual...

    11 669 kr


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