Hybrid Inspection, Service & Repair Expand

Hybrid Inspection, Service & Repair



870 kr

incl. 25% VAT, login to confirm your local VAT.

You have to send it in to our Headquarters by your own. Address can be found lower down this page.

If you only choose the inspection service means that when we get the Hybrid device we will check it for damages and see if anything needs to be replaced, if anything needs replacement we will notify you through mail used when purchasing the service.

We do other services aswell that can be paid for in advance if you already know what needs to be fixed. The Hybrid will always be inspected regardless of what service you purchase.

Current services available

  • Inspection
  • Tether kit change (includes dual end fitting tether & Vision Max tether)
  • New anti-slip rubber
  • Buckle replacement (Pro Rage, Sport models only)
  • Size change (if you want custom size change, add measurements in order) Click Here for how to measure
  • New Certification for SFI Hybrids

Store Adress:
Kravattvägen 6

Please print this form, fill in the required information and put it in the box before you send it to us.



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