Racetech RT9119HR Expand

Racetech RT9119HRW



Building upon the successful 129 series, 9119 offers the same ergonomic form and incredible features in a lighter and more affordable package.
This is the lightweight virsion, crafted in a carbon and Kevlar hybrid weave to achieve seat weight as low as 4.4kg!

Four sizes available: Standard, Tal, Wide & Wide/Tall.

For optimal fitment use additional Base, Side, Shoulder & Lumbar cousions availible.

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53 758 kr

incl. 25% VAT, login to confirm your local VAT.

Dimensions and Weights:


Brackets and mounting:

- Side mount to the floor using Racetech RTB1009M 5mm aluminium brackets (please tick the box above when ordering)

- Back mount using RTB2005B in conjunction with RTB2005C. RTB2005B is a 5mm aluminium bracket which bolts directly to the shoulder beam of the seat. The RTB2005C clamps bolt to the RTB2005B (once holes have been drilled) and come in 3 variants; either a 11/2 (38mm), 15/8 (41mm) or 13/4 (45mm) ID to suit the rollcage tube diameter in your vehicle. Please select your preferred clamp diameter above when ordering.

* To comply with FIA 8855-1999, the 119 series seats must be back-mounted to the rollcage at shoulder level. Back-mounting can be achieved using parts RTB2005B and RTB2005C. Back-mounting improves seat strength and stability during an impact, increases driver 'feel' and reduces driver fatigue.


Stock Color / Material
Gel-coat Clear self-finish
Seat Cover Black fire-retardant fabric
Wear Patches Black perforated leather
FIA Homologation Complies with FIA 8855-1999 regulations
Shell Construction Kevlar/carbon
Shell Weight From 4.4kg
Sizes HR - Standard
THR - Tall
WTHR - Wide & Tall
Head Restraint Integrated head restraint
HANS Compatible Yes
Harness Compatibility Up to 6-point harness
Large Harness Guides Yes
Air Ducting Yes - vented to the driver's lower back
Back-mount Compatible Yes


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