Sabelt 6-point FIA 8853-2016 Expand

Sabelt 6-point FIA 8853-2016



In sports cars, where the power/weight ratio is particularly critical, reduction of weight is a success factor. Sabelt R&D team has achieved excellent results, developing a lightweight Formula 1 harness of less than 480gr and products of top quality. The light webbing, materials, as well as new technical hardware solutions allow the creation of top motorsport FIA Standard belts.

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6 051 kr

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The Sabelt CCA622 includes,

  • Shoulder straps: 2’’ width - aluminum lightweight adjuster.
  • Shoulder fixing: Snap hook - tribar/wrap around.
  • Lap belts: 2’’ width - lightweight carabinas.
  • Lap belts: 2’’ quick adjuster integrated to buckle tongue - Pull Down. Designed for GT/ Endurance.
  • New compact buckle designed with crotches slots integrated to main body.
  • Crotches: 2’’ width - snap hook - tribar/wrap around.
  • Yellow loops.
  • Velcros on shoulders.
  • Intercom wire fixing.


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