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The Hybrid PRO Lite is the lightest head and neck restraint in the Simpson Hybrid series.

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The Carbon part of the device weighs in at only 220 grams.
The use of the latest in Carbon materials, weigh management and optimization have made it possible to build a Head and Neck Device that to the user is almost weightless.
The new design allows maximum control of the shoulder belts.
The tethers have a slide function which increases the ability to turn the head side to side.
The vertical mounting points for helmet-tethers are fixed to the Carbon part to make the contact surface against the top of the shoulders as smooth as possible.
Hybrid PRO Lite is approved to the FIA 8858-2010 standard.
The device on the picture is equipped with M61 Quick Release tethers.

  • FIA 8858-2010 Certified.
  • Tether with slide-design for better mobility.
  • Light weight Carbon fiber construction.
  • Improved management of shoulder belts.
  • Ships assembled with tethers for HANS anchors.
  • Hybrid PRO Lite can be custom made to fit all body types.
  • Hybrid PRO Lite can be adapted for different type of helmet mounts,
    HANS, Quick Release, D-Ring, etc.

Hybrid Installation Manual



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