Stilo ST5FN ZERO 8860-18 ABP Expand

Stilo ST5FN ZERO 8860-18 ABP



Stilo ST5FN ABP (Advanced Balistic Protection) is the latest model from Stilo

A new test was introduced to test the frontal area, based on military ballistic specifications with a projectile shot at 250 km/h speed.
This is the first helmet to be certified to this new standard!

The ST5FN ABP comes w/o installed electronics and w/o side slots for air, electronics & drinking system integration.

More details

ETA 3-4 weeks

64 818 kr

incl. 25% VAT, login to confirm your local VAT.

  • Advanced Ballistic Protection. First model to pass the test!
  • Hans/Hybrid Clips pre-installed
  • Manufactured in Carbon Fiber (High Tensile)
  • New Visor Panel (Clear Shield Included)
  • Two Shell Sizes (Small Shell from 1300gr & Large Shell from 1550gr) +-30gr
  • Snell SA2015 och NEW FIA 8860-2018 Certified
  • MTO (Made to order product) ETA 3-5 weeks.



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