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Stilo Trophy DES PLUS




The Trophy DES Plus is a high quality open face helmet with features out of its price class. 
Carrying the latest Snell rating, this Kelvar/Fiberglass Composite helmet is primarily aimed at Rally drivers and navigators not required to wear an FIA 8860 helmet. 
It is also perfect for Autocross use where the confines of a closed-face helmet are not absolutely necessary.

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7 560 kr

incl. 25% VAT, login to confirm your local VAT.

The Trophy DES Plus has integrated communications equipment as well as Stilo's proprietary Noise Attenuating Earmuffs which not only give you a more comfortable aural environment, but help make the helmet fit better. 
Please note: The Trophy DES Plus is designed to work with the ST-30 and WRC DES Intercom systems. 
It will not work with the entry-level Trophy Intercom.

Microphone Holder - The special flex pipe which is mounted to the helmet shell provides a stable, secure location for the microphone with precise adjustment. 

Noise Attenuating Earmuffs - These earmuffs provide a significantly quieter environment for the driver by aurally isolating the ear. The pressure upon the head can be adjusted by replacing the special foam rubber pads placed between the earmuff and the helmet. 
The earmuffs unique shape ensures they stay in place and do not make the helmet difficult to put on or take off.

Two Shells - Stilo has two separate shell sizes for this helmet. 
This allows us to make a better-fitting helmet that is lighter weight. 
Instead of filling a very large shell with lots of padding for a size small, we have one shell size for extra small to medium, and one for large and extra large.

FHR Posts - Comes with integrated HANS Posts.

EPS Cheek Pads - The WRC DES is the only open face helmet on the market that comes with both earmuffs and cheek pads. 
These cheekpads provide the best in lateral crash safety, while retaining the functionality of the earmuffs to provide a comfortable aural environment for communication.

Visor Options

  • The standard Adjustable Peak can be fitted in addition to a flip-up visor option. 
    The peak can be lowered to give the driver an effective means of blocking the sun as it gets lower on the horizon.
  • The optional visor is a high quality flip-up smoked visor with a safety lock for the open position. 
    It can be removed if needed. 
    Visor is a high quality flip-up smoked visor with a safety lock for the open position. 
    It can be removed if needed.



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